Our Mission:

Create world 1st ever Collaborative platform for Trainer and Trainee to reduce their efforts and money to host or attend live training session using Crowdsourcing.

Our Vision:

Translate from World 1st ever to world

#1 platform for Trainer and Trainee.

Our Values:


Get Trainer and Trainee on one collaborative platform - reduce efforts and money to host/attend live training session with maximum output


For Trainee - Reducing price for a session with every registration, even you not know them

For Trainer – Houseful sessions always, with continuous traffic on platform


Accredit mechanism for Trainer to recognize their knowledge and expertise through reviews and ratings by Trainee - provide trainer much needed certification

Our Mentors

We Have World Best Mentors

Amit Sheth

Moinuddin Kazi

Dr Chintan Sheth

John Schmidt

Our Founder Trainers Club Members

Mahendra Mehta

Vivek Anand

Pawan Toshniwal

Shailendra Soni

Priyanka Srivastva

Avighn Theater Group

Hardik Shah

Kamaljeet Rastogi

Sachin Shah

Sudha Bhusan

Ranjan Rauth

Kamal Sheth

Nishant Shah